Chinese Blog in China

Posted on Mar 3, 2013 |

Chinese Blog in China

Blog in Chinese, launched in March 2013, 

Blog address:

Business scope: Agitator manufacturer based in Beijing, China.

Launched in March 2013, hosted in mainland China.

WikiPro Blog & Website System

Blog administration interface in English, public Blog in Chinese.

Functions available:

  • Version management
  • Keywords management
  • Categories management
  • SEO management
  • Automatic URL management in pinyin
  • Pictures management
  • Google Maps management
  • Contact Forms management

Aellio Web Agency services provided

Aellio Web Agency has provided:

  • Design
  • Translation into Chinese,  
  • Training of one employee to create articles


Customer’s testimony received in August 2013

Li Du
Li Du Mixel

It’s a convenient and flexible tools to publish news, and easy to use, saving a lot of time for me.”