Website Creation with SEO in French

Posted on Oct 30, 2011 |

Website Creation with SEO in French

Full Website Design and Content creation: texts + images + website structure

Web address :

Business based in France, related to makup and permanent makeup.

Services delivered by Aellio Web Agency since September 2011

Since September 2011, Aellio Web Agency has performed the following actions:

  • Choose effective keywords
  • Choose website address
  • Design logo + Website + Namecards
  • Create website structure
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Localized SEO for Google
  • Update management
  • Hosting in France

Website performance by November 2013

First page and second position in French Google for the main keywords “maquillage toulouse”:


It is also on the top of Google search results for many related keywords, granting an excellent visibility.

Visibility in November 2013: 140 000 impressions per month



Customers testimony received in June 2013

Corinne Russo
Corinne Russo CR Maquillage

I recommend David Grezes and his Web Agency Aellio for the work performed, the seriousness, the skills and availability.”