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Professional Websites ExamplesYour : the key to success on Internet

The Internet is now a commonly used network by 80% of the population, but the operation and professional use of a website are often times misunderstood.

Most important for the success of a professional website, even before its design, is its ranking in Google for its effective use of keywords.

A Professional website can be a powerful marketing tool, cultivating new Customers effortlessly.

You will find basic explanations to increase your understanding on how to create and optimize a professional website on this page.

Identify Effective Keywords for Your Professional Website

Before you create your professional website, it is important to accurately identify the efficient keywords for your business because all of the steps in creating your website will depend on your keyword choices:

  • Choice of your domain name
  • Structure of your professional website
  • Categories of your professional website
  • Content of your professional website

Aellio recommends targeting only 2 or 3 efficient keywords frequently searched to successfully optimize your website on Google.

Thanks to the Google statistics tool: Keywords Generator, you can identify the best keywords for your Professional website.

You type 2 or 3 keywords that seem relevant to your business and Google will display a table showing for these keywords and groups of keywords with a sense approaching the number of monthly searches for these keywords, and the level of competition.

The selection criteria are:

  • A search frequency greater than, or equal to, 3,000 searches per month on average. 3,000 searches per month equates to approximately 100 searches per day. Since there are 10 sites listed – one each per search page result on Google – it gives about 10 hits per day on average. With keywords searched over 3,000 times per month, if your site is on the first page search results, then significantly more prospects will contact you. Below 3,000 searches per month, the keywords are useless; you must choose a combination of keywords searched at least 3,000 times per month.
  • Keyword competition: The level of competition for each keyword combination is identified in the column “Advertiser Competition” table result from Google. The lower the level of competition is, the easier it is to classify the website on top of the search results.

The correct choice is to select the keywords that match your business with the higher search frequency, along with lower competition.

It is imperative not to make any errors in keywords choice. An error at this stage will prevent your website from being truly effective.

If you are not 100% sure of your combination of effective keywords for your business or if you do not have time to research them yourself, the Aellio Web Agency offers to research the keywords for a 45 euros fee.

Record Efficient Domain Name

The domain name of your professional website should have one or two keywords identified as efficient keywords.

They shall be associated with your name or your company name.

The word separator shall be the dash (-) symbol.

Google assigns more importance to the first word in the domain name.

It is best to start with an effective keyword.

The domain name extension .com or .fr or .cn has no direct influence on the Google ranking.

Professional Website Structure Setup

The structure of your professional website should be as simple as possible.

Unless you launch an ambitious website designed to sell thousands of items such as eBay or Amazon, the menu of your website must be one level.

Depending on your activity, it is important to create a logical and simple structure; no more than 10 items and no sub-menu.

You can add pages related to one or more sections only if you have enough relevant content.

The Aellio Web Agency offers logical menus, customized to your business.

For an e-commerce website, it is important to divide your e-commerce website into two professional websites with interlinks and designed the same:

  • Your statics webpages are grouped into one web domain, optimized to introduce your products and services.
  • Your catalog website that presents the catalog with buying functions.

Having numerous hyperlinks from your static website to your e-commerce website can greatly increase your sales.

Your static website ensures high visibility on Search Engine results, while the catalog website manages the sales, therefore avoiding the SEO disadvantages of web addresses removals each time a product is not on sale anymore.

Professional Website Pages Content Writing

Each webpage of your professional website should include at least 500 words of text.

Text should be structured with one title per page, and possibly sub-headings, lists and paragraphs.

Each webpage of your professional website can be optimized for different keywords.

Web pages of your professional website can be optimized either for the effective keywords identified at the initial phase, or for other keywords which are less frequently searched and are less competitive on Google searches.

Existing text optimization, or optimized text creation are services proposed by Aellio Web Agency who can support the creation of your professional website from A to Z.

Professional Website Urls Optimization

Webpage addresses correspond to the url that appears in the toolbar of your browser:

Google places great importance on the words contained in that address.

The effective keywords should be included, possibly associated with secondary keywords.

The problem with most content management systems is that they do not provide an easy and direct way to write the web address.

At best, a function of rewriting web addresses is given which is difficult to implement in practice.

With the Aellio Content Manager System you will have direct access to the content of each address of every web page. You can change the content of your web addresses freely within the technical constraints of the web; no special characters, and no accented characters.

All professional websites created by Aellio Web Agency have optimized web addresses based on effective keywords.

Professional Website Meta-Tags Optimization

Each web page has 3 different types of hidden data known as metadata:

  • Webpage Title: This is what Google uses to create the anchor text to your webpage in search results. It can be different from the title of the webpage displayed on the page itself.
  • Webpage description: Google uses this description in search results below the link to your website but Google is using it less and less. It is most often replaced by an extract of the webpage text.
  • Webpage Keywords: A list of words not displayed by Google but analyzed by Google even if their importance is reported as a low return in the Google algorithm.

Metadata is used by Google to rank web pages in search results.

The effective keywords must appear in each component of the metadata.

Moreover, for an optimized website, the metadata should be different from one webpage to another web page of your professional website; no copy and paste is allowed.

Editing metadata can be difficult with the tools used to create websites.

With the Aellio , you have direct and simple access to the metadata for each of your webpages.

The Aellio Content Management System also checks automatically for the presence of effective keywords in each of these metadata components and alerts you in case of an oversight.

Internal and External Backlinks of your Professional Website

Links are very important for Google: Google uses the text of the link pointing to a webpage to identify this webpage topic.

Internal links are links between web pages of the same website.

External links, ie from other websites, are even more important from a SEO point of view.

Google uses them to calculate the importance of each web page on the Internet.

The more a webpage has external links coming from other websites already identified by Google as important, the more this webpage will be classified as “important” by Google.

The Google rating for webpages is from 0 to 10.

This rating is called PageRank

It is therefore important to harvest the maximum links from other websites.

The higher the PageRank of your professional website is, the higher the position of your professional website is in Google search results for your effective keywords.

To calculate a professional website PageRank, several free online tools are available.

Warning: many of these free tools give false results or are regularly broken.

Here is a free tool for calculating PageRank (last check: January 2011): Free PAGE RANK Checker for your Web site

Several strategies exist for getting more links to web pages of your Professional website:

  • Links exchanging: you add a link on your website to the partner website, and the partner does the same.
  • Registering your professional website in web directories
  • Adding your professional website link in blog comments

The best strategy is to offer unique and quality content that people will link from their website.

3 months after release, professional websites optimized by Aellio web agency generally have a PageRank 2 or PageRank 3, hundreds of professional websites creates links to professional websites created by Aellio Web Agency only thanks to the quality of content.

Record your Professional Website in Google

To rank higher in Google search results, it is important to register your professional website in Google.

Two different registrations in Google help improve SEO:

These two registrations give you access to a set of useful features to improve your ranking on Google.

To perform these registrations and optimize your ranking with the features offered by Google, Aellio web agency can perform on your behalf all these registrations in an optimized way.

Unique Quality Content on each Web Page

It is very important that your professional website texts are unique: Copy and paste texts from other websites is absolutely prohibited.

Google detects easily copy and paste on the Internet, and keeps only the oldest version in its listing.

You can use existing ideas or themes, but everything must be completely rewritten.

A website offers automatic detection of duplicate texts published on the Internet: CopyScape

The Global Edition of the New York Times example: List of Websites copying the Global Edition of the New York Times (International Herald Tribune).

This automatic investigation is also performed by Google, and Google gives the priority to the original version, ie the oldest.

Within a single professional website, there is a certain tolerance: It is normal that some texts are duplicated across multiple Web pages within the same website.

The Aellio web agency can write and optimize for you texts optimized to describe your business and transfer to you the IP rights in a formal way, through a certificate issued by a French judicial officer.

Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Professional Website

Major mistakes to avoid for a successful Professional Website:

  • Start thinking about SEO once the website is fully developed: professional website optimization includes aspects which are not simple to integrate once the website is fully developed. A website redesign may be necessary to optimize existing business website.
  • Use a domain name with only with your trade name: unless your name is Coca-Cola or Ikea, it is essential to include your effective keywords together with your trade name in your domain name. A domain name with only its trade name is a serious SEO mistake.
  • Develop a professional website entirely in Flash: this technology belongs to a company: Adobe. THis technology is now overtaken by new developments in browsers and new Internet standards. Almost all Flash functions can be performed by a combination of JavaScript, HTML and PHP. In addition, Apple boycotts Flash: Flash files cannot be displayed on the iPhone
  • Botch your professional website texts: Content of your professional website, ie the texts, is your asset. The quantity and quality of texts in your website are fundamental for a successful SEO. Spelling and grammar mistakes are prohibited.
  • Copy and paste texts from another website: your website cannot rank well in Google search results. Google finds duplicate content, and keep only the original website on the top of search results.
  • Try to directly optimize your merchant website: some aspects of a merchant website are not compatible with SEO optimization: rewriting URLs, setup different metadata for each Webpage, text duplication, deletion of products webpages no longer for sale are very detrimental to the SEO. The simplest solution is to split your merchant website into two websites with same design: a static professional website optimized for SEO and a website optimized to manage purchases with many links between these two professional websites.

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